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IT and Infra

Microsoft Dynamics ERP

We are one of the most modern businesses in our sector in our use of technology. Our core business information is entirely computerised via our Microsoft Dynamics ERP system hosted on Azure cloud. 


We have a Magento-based e-commerce system which allows parents of students to place orders for books etc, and handles several thousand orders a day during peak season. 

We use custom-built mobile apps running on tabs for key operations in our warehouses and Distribution Centres. These apps connect to our central ERP system in real time and update stock positions and goods movements. All our sites are interconnected. All our PCs use the latest release of Windows 10 and authenticate against a central AD system. We use a cloud-hosted task tracking system which our managers and MD accesses totrack progress of tasks.

Going forward, we expect to have a two-pronged tech stack which will use (a) MS Windows and MS Dynamics on the ERP side, and (b) custom software and applications using OSS tools on Linux. We are exploring PHP and NodeJS as server-side tech stacks, Angular for front-end code for browser interfaces and Ionic for mobile apps. Our mobile apps will be using hybrid dev technologies. We use our own task tracking system (again, open source), Git for our source code repositories, static code analysers for quality and are moving towards a Jenkins-based Cl/CD stack for build automation.